We are the current volunteer directors 

To get BIGA up and running, a small team was assembled, somebody put on the kettle and biscuits were served. We gathered round a kitchen table (might have been a pub table, not sure), and the conversation started.

Each of us agreed, from the outset, that BIGA would be an association FOR groomers, BY groomers (and related pet care professionals and friends, of course). That the best part of BIGA would be its members, and that its members would give shape to what BIGA is, inclusive and not exclusive.

Bear in mind that BIGA is really about YOU, it's about everyone in the industry. It's also really important to remember that BIGA is totally not-for-profit. We are volunteers. There is no commercial agenda behind BIGA. There is no secret corporate backer bank-rolling BIGA. Nobody is getting paid or making a quick buck, BIGA is your association, your voice, the groomers voice.

So, at present, here we are:

Heidi Anderton - BIGA Founder Director
Founder of Absolutely Animals and London School of Pet Grooming delivering City and Guilds Qualifications at level 2, 3 and 4.
Heidi has been working in the grooming industry since 1986 and is also an International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG)   

Heidi is a qualified tutor, assessor and Internal Quality Assurer as well as a former team member of Groom Team England. 2010/11

BIGA Honorary Member

"I hope we can take BIGA on to be the voice of the Industry and a central place of information for new groomers coming into the Industry"

Pam Gee - BIGA Founder Director

Qualified pet groomer

Shows the award-winning Sancere Poodle

BIGA Honorary Member

Founder-Director of ALICK (Association of Licensed Catteries and Kennels)

Kristian Maris - BIGA Founder Member and Chairman

Owner of Just Barking in West London.

Co-Founder at Dogs & Horses.

Author of The Dog Grooming Business Course

BIGA Honorary Member