The DAATA grooming method is a method based on the rules of pet dermatology and cosmetology. By completely respecting the physiology of skin and hair, the groomer obtains much  better results in many aspects: 


To discover DAATA online courses, the part concerning the anatomy and function of skin and hair is available free of charge. All you have to do is go to the website, click on "register" and choose the free part.

The DAATA grooming method is a method based on the rules of pet dermatology and cosmetology. By completely respecting the physiology of skin and hair, the groomer obtains much  better results in many aspects: 

First of all, animal welfare is more respected. The health of skin and coat first and foremost as well as the general well-being of the pet. 

Thanks to this respect for well-being, the pet’s behaviour is immediately improved in the vast majority of cases. Pets that refused to bathe, brush or dry accept DAATA techniques very quickly and sometimes from the very first grooming without having to employ any desensitisation or positive reinforcement method. 

The result of grooming is improved because, hair and skin being respected, they are in better health. The techniques proposed are more efficient and faster. 

The groomer can effectively deal with skin problems and even assist the work of the veterinarian in treatment or healing process. Dry skin, oily skin, burns, inflammation, dandruffs and other problems become quite manageable with the DAATA solution without having to resort to specific cosmetics or change the cosmetics you already have. 

The well-being of the groomer is also greatly improved. First because it gains in confidence: better knowledge, based on scientific evidence, gives self-confidence. Then because he works with calmer and more serene pets. Finally, because he obtains better results and therefore gains even more confidence. 

The DAATA method also allows the groomer to raise his prices. Being able to groom pet that will not be groomed by other professionals, achieve better results, and be able to deal with skin problems very effectively allows him to increase the prices sometimes significantly. In general, level 2 groomers increase their rates by 25% very quickly for DAATA (skin problem management) grooming. 

What will you learn ? 

The DAATA-ICDG Certification is divided in 4 levels : 

Level 1 DAATA-ICDG Groomer includes : 

Anatomy and functioning of the skin and hair 

In this part, you study the anatomy of the skin and its different appendages (the follicle, the glands, the different cells, etc.). . You will also learn how pigmentation, hydration of the skin or the concepts of genetics necessary for a good understanding of the course. 

Part 2: Dermatological grooming 

In this part, we will apply new methods of grooming in agreement with the preservation of the good health of the skin and the hair while obtaining the best results. 

Level 2 DAATA-ICDG Groomer includes : 

Common skin problems 

The problems most often encountered by groomers such as, dry or oily skin, inflammation, etc. will be studied in this part. 

Studies of specific problems and diseases 

In this part, we will study different skin problems which are less common but which you are quite likely to encounter during your career. The description of the disease or problem is accompanied by a procedure for the groomer. 

Level 3 DAATA-ICDG Groomer includes: 

Cosmetology – Introduction 

In this part, we will study what products you use and how to handle, store or use them safely for you and for the animal. 

Advanced Cosmetology 

In this part, we will study how to read and understand a list of ingredients. We will study the major families of ingredients, the side effects of the ingredients used in most of your cosmetics and we will discuss the natural ingredients that can help you on a daily basis. 

Master DAATA-ICDG Groomer (Level 4) includes: 

Natural cosmetology 

In this part, we will study how it is possible to make some of our cosmetics ourselves with simple to complicated recipes. We will also study a large number of natural ingredients and their properties in cosmetics. 


Application of natural cosmetology in the DAATA method. 

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