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This is an awesome feature and benefit of being a member of BIGA.

Members can sign into the members' area (just log into

Here are just some of the features, and we'll be adding more more more:

The Directory - this lists all members of BIGA including profile images (avatars) so it's easy to contact another member via BIGA (depends on privacy settings so if you don't want to be listed, you don't have to be) (members-only area)

Profile pages - each member gets their own Profile pages - which can be loaded up with great information about who you are, what you do, your business info, logo, images of yourself, your grooming - or even images of your holidays. It's about helping us all get to know each other better (members-only area)

Forums - the website includes four different forums to encourage interaction and participation - you can participate in discussions about your grooming, your business - hey, there's even a Social forum if you want to recommend a holiday destination, share a recipe, plan a picnic. This is your chance to join the conversation with other like-minded professionals, ask for advice, give advice, make friends (members-only area)

JOBS and Freelance opportunities - we've created a forum where business owners can advertise jobs or freelance opportunities - and groomers can advertise their availability for jobs or freeelance work. This is free. Simple. (members-only area)

Resources - downloadable resources - still early days but this will be loading up with great downloadable content that you can print off / share with your staff or customers etc. Need the BIGA logo to put on your website or print off for your business card or a brochure? Just go to the Resources paoge and download from there. (members-only area)

Volunteer Opportunities - BIGA relies upon the goodwill and help of volunteer members. If you have the time plus the knack or skill to get involved, please let us know. Just check out the Volunteer opportunities - it's a great way of participating in the association and having influence in how our association develops. (members-only area)

Events - enables us to plan and manage events, centralising the information in one area and being able to manage event information in an easy-to-read way as well as sign-up and manage the number of attendees, take payment etc. It's built-in event management which cuts down on all the heavy admin and means we can put more time and energy into the fun bits

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