• Who are BIGA?


The buzz these days is for an association or a business to define its WHY*

We know WHAT we do

We know HOW we do it

BUT our WHY is the thing that spurs us on. Gets us out of bed. Makes us commit. 

So, BIGA's WHY is this:

     "to protect and promote the highest standards in animal care to ensure healthy, happy lives for our pets" 

Everything we do at BIGA flows from this.

It's simple. It's honorable. It's the right thing.

We hope you agree and that you'll join us in it.

BIGA's 'Mission Statement'

An independent not-for-profit trade association run by members to benefit and support fellow members, raise standards and support the industry as a whole, promote awareness of the benefits of grooming to the general public and affiliated pet care professionals.

So who are BIGA and why be a member?

A team of industry experts has been assembled to pull together an initial working structure for the association. The rest is in your hands! As a not for profit association all money received will be put straight back into the industry! 

Within an ever changing industry groomers need a voice. BIGA are a member of the CFSG (canine and feline sector group) and are able to attend meetings when changes are taking place. Being able to voice the concerns and needs of groomers when industry changes come about is essential to ensure that we have an industry that we enjoy being a part of. Groomers speaking for groomers. 

The aim is to create an interactive support network for professional commercial pet groomers in the British Isles (that includes England, Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland, Ireland). A community of like-minded professionals. A support network for beginners and the experienced alike. A hub of friendly helpful advice, training and education, professional and career development. The sharing of news and events and more. PLUS, loads of social interaction and fun.

So to get the ball rolling, we’ve defined our 'Why', created our Mission Statement (see above) and our Core Values

Is there something you could bring to the table – with your skills and experience (it doesn’t have to be related to pet grooming) ?

Do you have a fresh perspective on the industry that you’d like to share ?

Perhaps you’ve got a great idea to help us all get better connected, something that encourages greater professionalism within our profession ?

We would love to hear from you ! Send us an email: hello@mybiga.org

This is your opportunity to help give shape, in these early days, to BIGA. This is your association and we’re already starting to hear some exciting ideas. At the very least, sign up to BIGA NEWS so you don’t miss out !

* (see also Simon Sinek's book Start With Why)

5 reasons to join BIGA today!

- Have your say within the industry.

- Community hub and support network

- Free listing on mypetgroomer.co.uk

- Stay up to date on all the industry news and events!

- Exclusive member discounts

Want even more reasons to join? click here!

BIGA is taking off! Are you getting on board?

This is YOUR association and we'd love for YOU to get involved. We are all co-pilots, cabin crew and fellow passengers. It's up to you. We'd love to have you on board -  the sky's the limit so let's fly together.

CLICK HERE to sign up!! 

The British Isles Grooming Association (BIGA)

A Not-for-Profit Trade Association and Community Support Network

 Registered at St. George‚Äôs House, 14 George Street, Huntingdon, Cambs. PE29 3GH. Reg. No. 10085801

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