ICMG UK Professional Grooming Qualification Pathway

The International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG UK) is available throughout the UK at several Training Schools and is Internationally available in 26 countries world wide.


General Information

Certification is to be completed within five years either at grooming competitions, regional centres or selected colleges / training centres.

Certification may be taken in any order (Practical and Written). This does not apply to the Master’s Certification.

Written and practical tests can be accessed online

Certified Professional Groomer

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you have to show that you can effectively and safely bath and dry a coated breed and perform a basic pet/kennel trim.

There are two written exams which include handling, grooming techniques, behavior, clippers, blades, canine skin and coats, and safe use of equipment.

A station evaluation is also required which will be sent to you.

Certified Advanced Professional Groomer

CAPG requires groomers to demonstrate advanced grooming skills and special care that needs to be taken with Toy breeds and dogs with double coats.

You are required to trim a Toy breed (which can be a Toy Poodle) showing efficient, special care of handling and grooming. The exam is 45 minutes

There is a practical Double Coated breed exam. You are required to demonstrate the technical skills and consideration for grooming double coats. The exam is 90 minutes

There is a 30 minute written exam on the information within the CAPG work book.

International Certified Master Groomer

ICMG requires groomers to demonstrate advanced grooming skills and complete written exams .

The practical exams require groomers to display their skills in grooming to the breed standards and show technical skills, balance and angulation.

Practical exams are 2 hours

Written exams are 1 hour for each paper on breed standards from each Kennel Club group

Following successful completion of your Practical and Written assessments, you will be awarded the following certificate (sample is for ICMG certification):

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