Dear Sally
BIGA's Resident Agony Aunt makes her debut! 

Hello BIGA website readers. I'm Sally. I'm a long established professional pet groomer. Wth lots of experience. And, apparently, a lot of opinions. That's why Kristian asked me to take on the role of BIGA's resident Agony Aunt. It's a privilege. I relish the opportunity to share with you my wisdom and knowledge. So, come on, send me your questions and worries and daily thoughts and let me deliver a solution to your situation. I can't guarantee I'll always get it right. But I can guarantee I'll always have an opinion.

Oh, and by the way, Kristian asked me to make sure I included the Disclaimer that anything I write in this column is not official BIGA policy. It's just my opinion. Otherwise the legal eagles all get into a flap, you know how it is.  

Send me your burning question and I will answer it: 

Dear Sally

Christmas is coming and everyone wants their dogs booked the last week before Christmas . How do I manage to keep all my customers happy?



Dear Susie

This is a problem we have every year . You need to start booking your Christmas dogs in September . Unfortunately you  will not be able to keep everyone happy  . Book your best and most regular customers first . Pick those dogs that financially give you a good return and are easy to handle . Customers that are reliable with drop off and collection too are very important . I also recommend you collect deposits from any one who is unreliable . You cannot afford to have “ no shows “ at any time , but especially December  .

Happy grooming


Dear Sally

I have been grooming 20 years and run a very successful busy salon . I have never taken a grooming exam as they are expensive . If licensing come in for groomers and they are required to have a qualification why should I have to have one with all my experience ?
Your comments on this would be appreciated .

Dear Davina

This is an easy one to answer . If you are very experienced as you say , “put your money where your mouth is “and take a recognised qualification , it should be very easy for you to achieve . You say your business is successful , if so you should be more than able to afford it .

Dear Sally

I have finished an online grooming course and I am struggling to get a job as  a groomer , no-one wants to hire me . I had distinctions on my course and have a diploma to say I passed it .  Can you advise me please ?


Dear Chloe

Firstly well done on completing and passing your online grooming course . Unfortunately in order to continue with a grooming career you will need hands on training with dogs . Grooming is a practical skill and no matter how much theory you have learnt,  it does not equip you for the physical dexterity and skills that can only be acquired with hands on practice .

I recommend you contact a reputable grooming school and enroll in a course to gain these skills . Busy professional groomers won’t entertain hiring you until you have hands on (dogs ) experience , sadly your online Diploma is of no value in the real grooming world .


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