What are the benefits of joining BIGA? Why should I join? What do I get for my membership?

Many groomers work alone or don't belong to a larger organisation. Sometimes it'd just be nice to tap into the knowledge and experience of our peers and friends. For advice. For a laugh.

BIGA has therefore been created as a community and support network for groomers and related pet care professionals. It's about helping us in our everyday chores of pet grooming, but also encouraging us to develop our careers or businesses - and encourage social interaction among us, among other like-minded colleagues and friends who all have the great privilege of working in this industry.

Okay, fine. But what do I get?

  • You are a registered member of a trade association. This is a good thing in terms of customer confidence
  • You get a window sticker to put up in your salon (Level 2+)
  • You get the logo to add to your website - and boasting rights
  • Access to tailor-made business insurance at a discounted rate via HIA's Pet Professionals at Work (click on the link to find out more)
  • You have a VOICE within the industry. BIGA is an Associate Member of the Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG) which works with Government to advise about changes within the pet industry (eg. regulation of grooming businesses). BIGA is here to represent your interests to the CFSG.
  • Industry supplier discounts. Some of the top grooming suppliers have already pledged to offer competitive discounts to BIGA members - more info coming in the following weeks
  • Member events - we have a BIGA Conference and Competition planned in November and it is to feature a new type of competition (read more about it in the Events section), Shopping (with 25 per cent discounts for members), Talks, Seminars, Workshops. More events planned, including regional events
  • Paid-for membership of BIGA, as a bonus, includes one free business listing on (this cannot be exchanged for anything of monetary value).

  • Access to a dedicated members' website ( This will fill up with loads of great content, advice, guidance to help you as a groomer or grooming business
    • also features a Groomers'Forum for the asking and sharing of tips/advice
    • the member site will foster a sense of community and friendship because it is interactive and encourages participation
    • Resources - we are pulling together loads of great content to give you advice and guidance related to your grooming, your career, your business, your customers and their pets and more
    • Promoting Qualification - we break down the main professional qualifications so you can make an informed decision about the right path for you
    • Training centres directory - we provide a list of member training centres you can attend for ongoing qualification
    • Members' Only discounts from member suppliers and BIGA sponsors
    • Association Recommendations - we will be publishing BIGA recommendations and whitepapers eg. ear plucking, expressing of anal glands, de-matting etc.
    • Association Templates - need a disclaimer that you can use in your business that has the credibility of BIGA branding behind it - we're in the process of creating these and will be sharing with members soon
  • Exclusive News for BIGA members - you're on the email list so we'll be sharing great stuff with our members first
A reminder: BIGA is an independent not-for-profit association. It is not tied to any corporate owners. It is run by members for members. A lot of our activity depends on the help of Volunteers. If you'd like to get involved as a volunteer, please take a look at current opportunities in the Volunteer section.

The British Isles Grooming Association (BIGA)

A Not-for-Profit Trade Association and Community Support Network

 Registered at St. George‚Äôs House, 14 George Street, Huntingdon, Cambs. PE29 3GH. Reg. No. 10085801

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